StepDeck & Flatbed

GSC Transholding Lease StepDeck & Flatbed feature:

  1. Air-ride suspensions, equipped with self-regulating height control valves and electric sliding winches for maximum load security.
  2. Roadside cargo control, featuring stake pockets, built-in rope hooks and combo sliding winches for maximum load security.
  3. Removable aluminum bulkheads, offering the ease and flexibility you need when hauling loads of varying lengths.


GSC Transholding Lease DryVan feature:

  1. Less downtime—durable specs mean fewer breakdowns.
  2. Lower maintenance costs—backed by our rigorous preventive maintenance.
  3. Up to 6.5% fuel-cost savings—with side skirts and low rolling-resistance tires.
  4. Improved regulatory compliance—rent or lease from our substantial fleet of trailers that meet the latest requirements.


Truck: $700 – $800

StepDeck / FlatBed / DryVan: $260 – $315

Physical insurance: $200

Cargo / Liability insurance: $260

Safety: $100

IFTA and ELD: $80

Dispatch service: 12%

Lease options come with a required $2500 escrow, deductions from $300 – $500 per week

Mileage 0.10c per mile by an odometer

Total a Week with DryVan: $1900 – $2000 + 12% Dispatch service

Total a Week with StepDeck or FlatBed: $1955 – $2055 + 12% Dispatch service